• Willing to work hard in a multicultural environment at Sea.
  • Respect all religion & nationalities.
  • Have NO dietary prohibition
  • Contract duration sets by ship owners’
  • Expect reasonable pay as per MLC/ILO/ITF celling salary

Our Crew Believes:

  • Work is worship (Work is Religion On Board Vessel )
  • Seaman is Nationality
  • Sea is Motherland
  • Vessel is own HOME
  • Captain/Chief Engineer/Seniors’ command is like “GOD blessing”
  • Other Crew are their family members


Bangladeshi Crew Background:

  1. Professionally educated , well trained & experienced as per STCW guidelines
  2. Strong English background at Academy & Specially trained on Maritime English Courses
  3. Respects other race, creeds, nationals as they are Loyal & Friendly
  4. Young , Energetic, Qualified, highly Skilled & Competent workforce
  5. Highly motivated personality with succeeding mandate as per Ship-owners’ requirement
  6. Enthusiastic to work the multicultural international working team
  7. Fully dedicated, Caring, Safe, Secured, Reliable & Faithful
  8. Very eager to learn & apply gained knowledge in their professional progression

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