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Admission for Session- 2016-17



     1.      Two (02) years (four-04) semester) Pre-sea Academic Training & Certificate           

    2.      Twelve (12) Months Apprentice/Internship On Board Job Training-OJT on Sea –going Vessels of International reputed (S. Korean, Japanese, Norwegian) shipping companies with monthly allowances US$ 600 to 300 $ in Third Year 5th & 6th semester.

      3.      Maritime English Course & Certificate.

      4.      Korea Language course & Certificate.

      5.      STCW Basic Safety Training Courses & Certificate.

      6.      Two Years Free Food & Lodging.

      7.      Practical Workshop Training and Dock Yard/Ship Visit.      

      8.      Free Uniform & all Books.

       9.      National CDC-seaman Book, Seam ID Card.

      10.  One (01) Month Training on Coastal Vessel before joining Intl Shipping companies.



      1.      Taka Fifty Thousand (50,000/=) Per Year for Golden GPA 5.00 both SSC & HSC.

      2.      Taka Thirty Thousand (30,000/=) Per Year for GPA 5.00 both SSC & HSC.

      3.      Taka Twenty five thousand (25,000/=) Per Year for GPA 5.00 in SSC or HSC.

Stipend : Will be awarded to deserving candidate on case to case basis.


N.B: Free Food & Accommodation at CMC hostel after pass out till joining on board sea-going vessels.


Tuition Fees :

During Admission         : 1,00,000/=

Per Semester        : 3,00,000/= Payable beginning of each semester;

                               Two years covered in four (04) semesters.


Job Placement: CMC will arrange Internship/Job Placement On Board Job Training-OJT on sea going vessels of International reputed S. Korean, Japanese, Norwegian Ship.

Monthly Allowances: 600 U$ to 300 U$ During On Board Job Training- OJT at 3rd year.


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