UK qualifications including BTECs, HNDs and degrees from UK universities and professional qualifications are respected all over the world. All UK qualifications have to meet rigorous standards and this applies just as much to ones you study in your own country as those you’d take in the UK. You’ll be expected to meet the same standards as students studying in the UK or with a tuition provider outside UK. The methodology will be checked regularly to make sure that this is the same case. Your UK qualification is a mark of quality, proving to future employers that you’re up to whatever task they set.

The qualifications you’ll need to study for a UK qualification in Bangladesh are broadly similar to those you’d need if you were coming to study in the UK.


“You’ll be joining more than 200,000 other students across the world who are working towards a UK higher education qualification and 500,000 overseas students who are taking professional qualifications. Isn’t it about time you joined them?” Speech from the University of London, UK.

Reasons are in a brief:

     1.   You will study at British accreditated tuition provider that is same as a UK Institution

     2.   You would be achieve the degree that is British qualification

3.   Methodology would be checked regularly to make sure that this is the same standard & quality

4.   Admissions Entry requirements are same as other British (In land) Institutions

5.   To obtain a HND heading to a Bachelor from outside UK, you will be able to reduce three/four times costs than UK

6.   Each year more than half million students are taking British qualifications outside UK from the approved tuition/study center.

After achieving British Qualifications you will gain:

  • Qualifications recognized & respected everywhere.
  • Global qualifications that enhance you to grow as Global citizen.
  • Exciting careers to take you everywhere.
  • Amazing careers having boundless border.
  • Distinguished International Designation.
  • Quality Education.
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