Under Graduate:

(a) A Level's or equivalent (12 Years School Certification)

(b) Copy of National ID

(c) 4 copies photograph

(d) Fee payment slip

Post Graduation:

(a) Graduation from related field of studies

(b) Copy of National ID

(c) 4 copies photograph

(d) Fee payment slip

There are two intakes every year at CMC as below for Maritime Education & Training


First Intake: Nov-Dec

Second Intake: May-June 





Two Years Pre-sea in Nautical Science-NS

Two Years Pre-sea in Marine Engineering-ME


Admission Requirements:


Admission requirement in CMC is as per DG Shipping requirement for the applicants of Pre-sea in Marine Engineering-ME and Pre-sea in Nautical Science-NS.HSC (12 yrs schooling) with Physics & Mathematic with GPA 3.5 (A-levels with two subjects, 70% marks in English 50% marks); Age- limit only 21.




All Applicants for NS & ME must know swimming and can swim at least 10 M independently without any support. (The Cadets can get enrolled in a swimming club at their own expense in order to develop their swimming capability.)


Medical Fitness requirement: (Only for ME & NS Cadet)


Below are the basic requirements for a student’s medical fitness.


The Applicant must be physically & mentally fit to perform all duties requirement by a cadet. He must be free from any physical defect. Following physical standard must be confirmed:

Height must be (minimum) 5 ft 4 inches.

Minimum weight 50 kg.

Minimum chest 76 cm without normal expansion

Hearing should be in clear.

Teeth condition visually in good condition.

Lungs & chest condition shall be good in X-ray report.

ECG result be satisfactory.

No visual disorder of body & eye construction.


Following pathological investigations are to be carried out:


HBS, Ag, RA, test, BT, CT, HIV

HIV, Urine for R/E


 Regulation for Eye sight test: (Only for ME & NS Cadet)


As per rule of Dept of Shipping requirement:


NS: Eye sight 6/6 without glass with no colorblindness.

ME: Eye sight 6/6 with glass with no colorblindness.


N.B. Above requirements are framed & designed by Dept of Shipping (Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) Bangladesh based on STCW amendment.


Minimum English Language Proficiency:


According to the regulation of the College, Applicants whose first language is not English, have to meet a minimum requirement of the English language.A grade of 5.5 in IELTS or any equivalent examination.


Student’s Admission:




All applicants have to submit all of the previous academic documents photo copy and full medical report to the Admission committee.


Admission Form ( Available at CMC Admin Bldg)

All Academic Transcripts & Certificates

Four copies of Photographs (2 copies P.P. size & 2 copies stamp size)

Proposed Field of Study

Full Body Medical Test report as above




Thereafter, they have to sit for a standard written Exam (Test) for Physics, Math and English as per guidelines of Dept of Shipping. All of the successful applicants have to sit for Viva-Voce.




(a)     After review of the previous academic documents,  written test result, viva-Voce and medical report by the Board of Admissions will publish the accepted applicants list on the Notice Board, On CMC web site, the Newspaper and Dept of Shipping.


(b)   Selected Applicant have to collect the “Letter of Admission” from the Admission Officer with in thirty (30) days of result publications by submitting All Original Transcript, Health Report and the Tuition fees.



Terms and Conditions for Enrollment:


Applicants are required to sign on their application form, that they have read, understood and consented to the terms and conditions of enrollment at Cambridge Maritime College-CMC or Cambridge College. If the applicant is under the age of 18 at the time of application, the Application Form must also be signed by the applicants parents.


A student is enrolled for the period for which tuition fees have been paid. If tuition fees have not been paid, the student’s enrollment may be cancelled at the end of any appeal process.



Withdrawal of Admission:


If an Admission is cancelled or if the applicant wishes to withdraw from the course, the refund policy of Cambridge College is mentioned here below:

If the admission is cancelled within two weeks, 75% of the enrollment (Tuition) fee will be refundable.

Any cancellation of an enrollment within a period of 3 weeks will result a refund of 50% of the enrollment fees.

Any cancellation thereafter will be non-refundable, and the college will not be liable for any inconvenience.

Remarkable that Admission fee is always non refundable.


Personal Information:


Information held on students files including attendance records, academic progress reports, log book maintenance; record keeping etc. belongs to CMC. This information may be given to authorized government departments but will not be made available to students, the general public or third parties.

By enrolling at CMC, the student agrees that information relating to academic performance may be made available to their parents or guardians or to the relevant authority.





Practically all faiths are represented across Bangladesh. Places of worship include Mosques, Churches and Temples. It is likely that the Applicants will be able to find a suitable place of worship in Dhaka city. CMC welcomes a wide range of religions and faiths. The College believes in multicultural diversifications  through cross border educational and cultural exchange world wide. 


Health Centre:


The College has co-operation with the famous Hospitals  situated near by the campus and hostel. Our Helpdesk officers will be more than pleased to deliver advice covering medical treatment, ill health, accidents, sports injuries and other health related issues. Once an applicant is registered with the health center they can make appointment at our regular doctor’s at the Hospital.



Books and Stationery:


Academic Books and different type of journals will be provided by the college. The expense shall be Bourne by the students (For NS & ME Cadets its mandatory).Students of other subjects may purchase books, stationeries from their own source.



Library Books:


The students can borrow books from the college Library, which has to be returned within seven days.

A fine of tk.10 per day will be applicable from the 8th day as late compensation as long as it go for.

If a book is lost, the student will have to pay the same amount of cost to replace the book.





Accommodation will be mandatory for NS & ME applicants.

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