CMC is duly approved by the 
 Ministry of Education as well as University Grand Commision to conduct several qualifications under national curriculum and to provide cross-border Higher Educational Qualification

CMC is duly approved by the "
National University" to conduct several qualifications under national curriculum.

CMC is duly approved by the Department of Shipping (Business Safety Administration
) under the Ministry of Shipping Bangladesh  to conduct Maritime Education & Training as per STCW convention 1978 & as amended 2010. 


Edexcel is the UK's largest awarding body offering academic and vocational qualifications and testing to 25,000 Schools, Colleges, Universities, Institutions, Employee organizations and other  places of learning in the UK and in 125 countries worldwide.


BCS accredited CMC to provided British Chartered IT qualifications in Bangladesh leading to Bachelor in Information Technology (Equivalent to Graduate Diploma in IT) This PGDIT is one of the highest honorable Degree and benchmark for IT Professionals all over the world as British Govt. has entitled this qualifications as Chartered IT Degree.

Corporate Partnership:


CMC has signed MoU with "Boston International University-BIU"


Connecticut Maritime Association-CMA-USA: The CMA was created as a self-help group of shipping people, and remains a conduit for the exchange of information and a source of camaraderie and fellowship that is unique and vital to the shipping community. In 2003, the CMA celebrated its twentieth anniversary. It prospers with over, 1,300 members representing nearly 450 companies and organizations.


The name "Global Maritime Education and training Association", with the working name "GlobalMET", were adopted to reflect the growing global maritime education and training role with members worldwide. During the period 2005 to 2010, in working to achieve its objective GlobalMET is objectives GlobalMET is to collaborate with the international Maritime Organization-IMO, International Labour Organization-ILO, International Shipping Federation-ISF, Asian Ship-owners, Forum-ASF, International Transport workers, Federation-ITWF and other appropriate international, regional and national organizations with the further development of quality maritime education and training.


CMC is the Group member of International Maritime Lecturers Association-IMLA.


CMC is the Corporate Member of NMEA-National Maritime Educators Association-USA. NMEA is the largest maritime educators association in the USA to promote maritime education and training globally.

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